The Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2020

by Omer Geva

A favorite among coffee aficionados, the french press coffee maker is known for making strong, well-rounded coffee.

While a lot of french presses are very similiar in their appearance, they tend to differ in insulation, handles, pour spouts, plungers, and filters. That's why this article lays out exactly what you need to know when buying your own french press.

Material (Steel vs Glass vs Ceramic)

There are advantages and disadvantages to each material. The most popular being glass, due to the stylish design and convenience of being able to look inside the french press in order to determine when your coffee is fully ready. The disadvantage of glass french presses is the lack of heat retention

On the contray, steel and ceramic french presses are great for heat retention, allowing your coffee to stay hotter for longer. This becomes relevant when brewing for more than yourself. The best presses are usually double walled stainless steel presses.


A defining feature of the french press is it's filter, usually a two or three layer filter. These filters allow determine how much coffee grounds will end up in your cup. The filters should tightly fit inside the walls of your french press to assure that there aren't too many grounds entering your drink.


There are a usually a couple of standard sizes to choose from, but 12oz and 34oz are the most popular. 12oz is great for a cup of coffee, and 34 is good for 4.

Design and Comfort

Although seeming unimportant, design can play a big role in your coffee brewing experience. That being said a great looking french press isn't necessarily the best one, but ones with comfortable handles and wider pour spouts can improve your coffee brewing experience.

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